May 17, 2017 | Development


While living in Boulder, CO, I partnered with an outdoors startup, WildeGuide, to help build out the initial prototype of their platform. WildeGuide makes trip planning more efficient by allowing travelers to search for guides, see their profiles, and read more meaningful reviews.


With little to no capital, we spent the better half of 6 months trying to make an idea a reality. Ultimately, in the Spring of 2017, founder Danielle Dannenberg pitched at the University of Colorado Boulder’s New Venture Challenge but fell short. The WildeGuide team parted ways shortly after.

What I Learned

If you have a team that is passionate about what they are building, anything is possible. You will always find a way to finish a task, large or small, simple or complex.

Tools & Technology Used

Sketch, Shopify, CSS, Liquid Template Language

Spring 2018 Update: Danielle has decided to continue the adventure with WildeGuide. I had no part in the design or development of the current wildeguide.com site.

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