January 16, 2018 | Design & Development


Start-up founder and Senior Computer Science student at UT Dallas, James Griffin, is building a revolutionary college advising system that will change the way students register for classes. He reached out for help in building a marketing page with a purpose of encouraging prospective Universities to schedule a demo of their working prototype and to give Ramifai a place on the web in the early stages of the start-up.


The design process proved to be the biggest challenge with this project. While working with James, we set out to build a site that would ensure trustworthy by the users. Other than the Ramifai logo, this is the first piece of design work for Ramifai which required every component and color to be thought about carefully.

What I Learned

Designing can take much deeper thought and consideration than the development process.

Tools & Technology Used

AdobeXD, Webflow

Fall 2018 Update: James renamed Ramifai to DegreeChamp

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