December 30, 2019 | Development

Overview is a company website for Shady Grove Blacksmith Shop, LLC. The owner is a blacksmith dealer primarily selling anvils in Grand Island, NE. This site showcases his work and the anvils he sells.


My client wanted to keep the same look and feel as his original website that he created in 1999. The challenge with this is that no websites today look like those that were created 20 years ago. I had to deliver on this look and feel, make it mobile friendly, and also update the core technology behind the user interface to be modern and lightning fast. On top of this, the user wanted a fully functional CMS that allowed him to edit the content on his site. Wordpress could have been used, but then I wouldn’t have been able to make the site as fast as needed. My solution was to create a custom CMS using Netlify and utilize React Router to create fast routes between the pages.

What I Learned / My Experience

Creating custom CMS’s using Netlify CMS, Gatsby

Tools & Technology Used

React, Gatsby, Netlify CMS, CSS

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